A New Approach to Hoof Trimming  

New demands led to a new construction
The BoviBox is designed so the cow is elevated from the ground and up in an ergonomic work height. When the slings elevate the cow, the cow becomes calm and in this way you achieve a quick, easy and stress free hoof trimming. As the Bovi Box can be placed in a logistic good position, eg. an ally where the cows walk through every day. Therefore, it is very easy to implement the box as a part of a daily routine, to secure a higher hoof health.

Uniqe features

  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Five-gear motors with breaks
  • Low maintance

Bovi Box

The Measurements of the Box

  • Height: 2,50 meter
  • Width: 1,20 meter
  • Length: 2,55 meter

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