Manual hoof wash for optimal hoof care and prevention of digital dermatitis and other skin related hoof diseases

Unique features

  • Flexible washing device
  • Washing hoofs in headlock/cattle fence
  • Washing hoofs in parlor
  • Washing hoofs during trimming
  • Sprayer for chemicals (preventing flies in straw)
  • Made out off chemical resistant materials
  • Contains 60L, which is enough for effective hoof wash/disinfection of up to 100 cows

Bovi Cart

Technical specification

  • 5 bar working pressure
  • 60-litre tank capacity
  • Standard hose length: 5 meters (up to 20 meters as an option)
  • Industrial battery and charger
  • Pistol with a long lance for washing in cattle fence/headlock
  • Pistol for washing in milking parlors
  • Pistol for washing at the hoof-trimming box